Nelson Pecora

Monthly rents in Brooklyn are extremely cool and good

Variety shows are getting weird


Nozomi is pretty fast, huh

Through a convoluted series of events, my partner and I will be hanging out in and around Tokyo for pretty much all of May. Anybody have recommendations for stuff we shouldn’t miss?

Ed Balls

Strange tidings from the New York City rental market…

The king is dead, long live the king

Happy new year! (source:

Oh no, the note taking app I’ve been using for a year recently took VC money, so I’m looking around for a replacement (and wandering the apartment muttering “zettelkasten” under my breath)

Having finally just watched Fast and the Furious, I’d be shocked if REDLINE (the anime from 2009) wasn’t directly inspired by it

Oh neat, I can send my thoughts to everywhere my personality has instantiated itself. Time to go to bed.

Just a Cool Pic

Writing python for the first time in months and my code is deeply embarassing 😰

Just clicked a twitter link and noticed I had a bunch of notifications, including this one. RIP to a website I’ve been on for almost half my life 😓

On very similar lines, this is a pretty good rule to live by:…

So I was looking at crossposting, since I still have a few friends on various social networks that I’d like to keep in touch with, and it turns out Instagram doesn’t let you create posts via their API. Like, at all (unless you have a business account). Seems wild, no?

What genre of music is the most “goblincore”? Asking for my coworkers

There we go, I think it’s pretty now